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Mürvet Restaurant | The salon started off with another taste motto and started to serve in Aydın.

With its rich menu and unique design, it offers special menus to groups and corporate companies.

The restaurant, which is open to everyone, has 400 people capacity with indoor hall and garden, and has unique tastes of Turkish and World cuisine in its menu. Mürvet Restaurant aims to use the freshest and most delicious products to b able to staify their customers. Mürv'et Restaurant operators, working with a team in the heart of their guests and their hearts, have increased their customer potential day by day with their friendly and qualified staff, good service quality, the importance they give to hygiene and cleanliness, and the quality of the products they use.

You can examine our foods, which are produced by our expert and professional chefs and reveal the Turkish taste, from our menus.

We will be pleased to be at your service.

About Us
Hıdırbeyli Neighborhood İzmir Asfaltı Street No:41 Germencik | Aydın
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